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This year, we will be offering basic chocolate-making classes, covering a range of techniques. You will be using professional equipment in our chocolate kitchen.


Classes are restricted to six participants, and the minimum age is fourteen. Bookings are essential, because some components may have to be made in advance. Most classes are timetabled for an hour, but may run longer.


Dress casual. Comfortable footwear with closed toes should be worn, and long hair must be tied back. Aprons will be supplied. The cost of the class includes a tea, coffee or soft drink.


CUSTOM CLASSES Classes can be organised to suit individual needs. If there is something you would like to learn, please contact Lynne to discuss arranging a custom class.



Saturday, May 4 at 3pm



Make a quilted heart box in chocolate for a Mother's Day gift, or simply to spoil yourself. While it is setting, we will make solid chocolates in a variety of shapes and chocolate types. They will be divided between the class and used to fill the box.


Cost:  $40 



Saturday, May 18 at 3pm



Most problems with chocolate in the home kitchen are caused by overheating. This class shows you how to melt couverture chocolate in the microwave on high power, with successful results. You will use the melted chocolate to mould a variety of chocolates, which will be shared among participants and gift-packed to take home.


Cost $40



Saturday, June 1 at 3pm



Use professional moulds to make solid chocolate bars in the chocolate of your choice, and add a selection of toppings to create a decorative effect.


Cost $40



Saturday, June 29 at 3pm



Use a professional mould to make and decorate five chocolate lollipops, just like the ones we sell in the shop. We will use transfer sheets, 100s and 1000s, and mixed lollies, and they will be professionally wrapped for you to take home.


Cost $15





Note:  Times are approximate, and classes may finish later than stated.

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