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Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

At Moorabool Valley Chocolate we're all about sharing and promoting our love of fine chocolate. Need a gift for a loved one? Someone hard to shop for? Come in and talk to us about what that special person would like - we can customise our chocolates and flavours to suit even the fussiest tastebuds as well as to suit chocolate lovers with dietary requirements such as gluten, dairy or soy free as well as sugar-free or vegan. Whatever your needs we're more than happy to work with you in creating that perfect gift that will make you drool with pleasure!


All of our chocolates are handmade here in our cafe. Watch us at work while you relax, sipping on our luxurious hand-ground hot chocolate and nibbling a decadent slice of cake made from the best-quality ingredients, here in our own farmhouse kitchens.

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